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Examination, cleaning and disinfection of ventilation systems

Apart from the constant accumulation of dirt, dust and fatty deposits on the walls of ventilation ducts and shafts, occurs the development of various forms of microorganisms: as bacteria, pathogens of infectious diseases and various forms of mold.

Insufficient control of the state of these systems, microorganisms as knows as vectors of infectious diseases and mold spores break off from the walls of mines and turn into free movement in all rooms in the form of particles of aerosol dimension. Thus, visually, they are invisible to humans, but they pose a serious threat.

In order to avoid activation of the processes described above, our company offers services for periodic inspection, timely cleaning and disinfection of the ventilation systems of buildings.

All work is performed by qualified professionals using appropriate products to eliminate the possibility of an explosion or fire. The requirements of the current regulatory and legal acts on labor protection and passports for ventilation equipment are strictly observed.

We can also draw up a schedule of periodic cleaning for each ventilation unit on the basis of operating data and depending on the physic-chemical properties of subsidence substances and the parameters of dust-air and gas-vapor-wind mixtures.

According to the requirements of sanitary standards, cleaning of ventilation systems is performed according to the following schedules:

– Offices, shopping centers and administrative buildings – annual cleaning of canals;

– Industrial buildings – at least 2 times a year;

– Organizations of public health and public catering – 1 time in 3 months (quarter);

– Kindergartens, schools and other educational institutions – twice a year.