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CIAT was founded in 1934. Thanks to a developed commercial network in 50+ countries of the world, today it is the leading global manufacturer of equipment for air conditioning, ventilation, heating and cooling. CIAT designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of HVAC equipment. Currently, over 10 million units of CIAT products are operating worldwide. All equipment of CIAT is certified in accordance with the high requirements of CE, EUROVENT standards. Since 2009, CIAT equipment has been certified by the national certification system of Uzbekistan.

O’ZPROMHOLODMONTAJ is the only authorized installation and service center in Uzbekistan for servicing equipment of CIAT (France), a multi-year partner of our company.

Tecofi produces a wide range of products for industrial heating and cooling systems, and offers a complete set of valves for air conditioning and heating. Products include rotary butterfly valves, various gate valves, shut-off and shut-off and control equipment designed for use in water supply and heating systems. In product development, special attention is paid to compliance with measures aimed at improving the environment. The company’s participation in solving global environmental problems lies in the fact that it is increasingly developing and supplying equipment for both water and air treatment and processing networks and industrial civil treatment facilities.

Honeywell International, Inc. – a large US corporation-manufacturer of electronic control systems and automation. Honeywell Automation and Control Systems increase economic performance and efficiency, protect the environment, people, assets and buildings. Honeywell’s automation technologies and solutions ensure a reduction in the book value of building maintenance. Honeywell’s products, services and technologies operate in more than 100 million homes and over 5 million buildings around the world.
The Italian company Carel – manufacturer of air humidifiers, is among the world leaders in the production of automation for climate control equipment. Carel automatics are used by leading manufacturers of climate technology to complete their refrigeration, ventilation and air conditioning systems. The main product range of the company includes controllers, sensors and actuators. Control systems, user terminals, communication gateways and related software are also used in automatic control and monitoring systems for climate equipment.
The French company Desjoyaux specializes in the construction of pools and is the world’s largest manufacturer of private and public pools, supplying all over the continents more than 14 thousand pools a year. Desjoyaux – the founders of two exclusive concepts: the use of monoblock design and pipeless filtration system.
WILO SE is one of the leading manufacturers of pumps and systems for heating, air conditioning, ventilation, water supply and drainage. WILO is the European leader in the production of this equipment. The reliability of the equipment WILO due to the high quality of design and manufacture, ease of installation and operation.
  Aldes offers products – grilles, diffusers, smoke dampers, fans, exhaust hoods, etc., designed to provide high-quality ventilation and comfort to the buildings in which people live and work – from individual private and residential buildings to commercial and industrial premises. Aldes ventilation systems guarantee air quality, lower energy consumption and a comfortable temperature inside buildings.
The Belgian company “Jaga” is the largest manufacturer of solutions for your heating, cooling and ventilation. Since the 60s, “Jaga” never ceases to amaze with its new concepts and products, both from a technical and aesthetic point of view. Jaga employs 400 people, which together provide a turnover of 50 million euros per year. In various countries of export throughout Europe, as well as in such countries of export as Australia, China, Japan, Canada and Russia, “Jaga” is recognized as the Player No.1 of the World! No consumer goods, and only the best innovative equipment in heating, cooling and ventilation systems to ensure climate comfort! The “low-temperature” technologies of “Jaga” were tested by various independent authorities in different countries and each time the equipment achieves the best performance in all its characteristics.

The Turkish company Izocam represents heat-insulating materials for thermal insulation of residential, administrative, industrial, warehouse and industrial refrigerators. Today, thanks to its technical advisory services and a wide range of products providing protection against heat, cold, noise, fire and water, Izocam is a leader in the production of insulation materials. Izocam manufactures high-tech products that meet international standards, which are exported to many countries around the world, including Uzbekistan. As a reliable partner in Turkey and its neighboring countries, the company is committed to healthy growth in the industrial sector, improving energy efficiency, increasing the benefits of thermal insulation for the benefit of people, and therefore for the preservation of the environment.